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Elliot was there when it started. His friends werent his friends, but rather, his enemys. Shortly after everything went off, Tiedemann ordered a station-wide alert for a man named 'Isaac Clarke' with martial law. Since martial law was in effect, he had to free some parts to help other people. Of course, he lied about the part with him being a convict. It was terrible, once human people have now turned into brutal monsters, dismembering eachother and killing each person one at a time, gore guttling up.

Elliot was not new to the CEC, He had performed alot of hazardous situations for two years now, having lady luck on his favor for awhile now. Some areas were closed since some people went insane and got crazy. He, however, was just happy to be alive for the time being. He couldnt find much survivors, since all he found was more and more necromorphs. He decided for the time being that he should find the station router. He used his Sprawl Map to find it. But, he had to run like hell to get it.

He found a few cartridges of plasma cutter ammo, however, so he kept it in his current inventory for the time being. He found a plasma cutter among a mangled body with a kinesis module. He lost it in his apartment awhile now. He also found a video file from the guys rig, showing that the kinesis module can be used to pull the blades off dead ones and throw it back at them. He felt sad for the guy. He actually looked like a pretty nice guy. Once he finally reached to the area, a patrol of two soldiers was found.

"Its a survivor, Drop your tool!" One said, noticing the plasma cutter in his hand. Elliot dropped his tool, but not until one slasher attacked one of them. He grabbed his plasma cutter, and just as that, one was killed. Elliot fired his plasma cutter at the slasher, the last troop's head being cut off just as the slasher died. "Well, there goes my way off this place." Elliot complained, and walked in the nearby room. It was opened, and he hooked the right wires, which took a few minutes to bypass, and had to hack the circuitry.

It failed after the first two times, but he did it. He opened some doors around the sprawl, mostly the emergency escape areas, and some hospital doors. But not before he was locked out of the system by tiedemann. "Fuck." Elliot cursed. Atleast he freed some of the most important doors. He ran into the hall just as the door closed, and Elliot looked behind him at the door, and just as he had looked around, a brute appeared. The brute had skin coming off of it, with its organic armor covering the yellow spots.

"Your kidding, right?" Elliot said, sprinting across the hall, but the brute was too fast. The air was decompressurized, and the wall of metal had been pierced with elliot being pulled more out into space. Some limb's were hanging around the soundless areas of space. Elliot had pulled out his plasma cutter at the very last minute and he still had it in his hand. He fired all of the ionized ammo in the clip, which to his concern, was eight ionized bullets. The coil overheated the plasma cutter, making it unable to reload and be used for a short time.

The brute shrugged off the ion, and went forward fast. Elliots instincts kicked in, and pushed forward with his thrusters. The brute almost grabbed his leg, but rather scraping the armor of it. Elliot jumped off of the brutes back, making the brute slam into the nearby mining rock. Some slashers were coming out of the metal that was broken. They were moving their arms like crazy, and trying to get away. The brute's forced impact made the fan of the rock initiate, making mostly every necromorph get pulled in and the rock moving away. It was reversing, and even though Elliot was a engineer, he couldnt fix that.

He barely grasped the metal, and reloaded his plasma cutter the fastest he could, almost accidentily letting go, and firing at the emergency seal-off emblem. It sealed it, and the air compressurized the room as soon as he started to gag. That was way too lucky. Elliot slammed to the floor since the zero gravity was off, him getting up and using his audio packet. "Oh god, i was way too lucky with that. I dunno if that was just me, but that brute was a beast. I dunno if Ellie is still alive, hell, i dont know if anyone is still alive, but all i know is that im surviving. Shift four is gone, im the only survivor. God, is anyone out there?" He said to himself, dropping the audio packet and taking a chance to rest. He was only a engineer, recruit with the miners.

Rag n' tag repair the damn thing. Elliot had a deep breath, administering a health packet inside his suit and checking in with his rig to see if he was okay. Accidentily, he left it on. He heard something in the vents. The audio left it in the background, then shortly ended. Elliot slowly walked in a room, locking it and taking another deep breath. He opened a secure vent, and crawled through it, taking him to a room and him getting more ammo for his plasma cutter. He went out of the room, heading into another hallway.

A slasher got out of the vents, and two more accompanied it. He used the alt-fire and shot most of their legs, still moving. One collapsed and died, making him use kinesis to pull off one blade and slam it into the necromorph. The one necromorph had a bite or two at him, his rig going very close to red. "Alot of reading of data logs, text logs, and these monsters. Dang, this helps." He said, the area clear. He went to the bench, and upgraded his capacity of his plasma cutter to 10, to 12.

He had only one node, so it was okay for now. He didnt want to waste it on the cutter. He upgraded his rig to have a bit more air. His rig was a Advanced Hazardous Engineering Suit: Elite Type. He was locked out of most of the systems, and went forward. His rig was red, and he was breathing heavily. He sat down beside a wall, acheing everywhere. He forced himself up, hurt, he gripped his side with his left arm, while his right arm tried to hold up the plasma cutter.

He didnt have anymore health packs, so he would need help. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" Elliot yelled at the slasher, almost all of the shots missing. He stumbled away from the slasher, then used his kinesis module. He pulled off the blade of it, then slammed it into its chest, making it fall to the ground and stumble. He fired at it more, the recoil overheating once again. After the few seconds of waiting, he reloaded, and fired at it two more times even though it was dead already.

He took a deep breath once again in this small journey, and rested by a corner. He did what he could, and he did it while he lasted. He smiled in his helmet, but it soon turned into a suprised expression. He looked outside and seen evacuation ships being slammed into other buildings, necromorphs hanging on one of the ships, coming off, but one getting inside and some people being pulled out into the depths of space. He found a large med-pack along one of the necromorphs, and administered it into his system. He wasnt done just yet.

He ran back to the store, and used all his credits on a Elite Engineer Suit for now. It was a bit bulky, but it was pretty good overall. He ran out into a nearby vacuum, and jumped out through the broken window. He brought with him a small air can, and he enabled his thrusters, going forward. However, he seen another foe that just happened to be the scariest thing he had seen, well, ever. A human skull with tentacles mounted on a human body and using the thrusters too. Elliot forcefully turned left, and he managed to dodge it.

He was hyperventilating, and he went forward. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuck..." He kept mumbling, with the thing catching up to him. Elliot was forced to slam into a ship window, and he bursted to a door. It took a few seconds to open, and with those moments, the being went through the window slowly, then enabled its thrusters again. Elliot ran through the door, and it closed, causing it to slam into the door. Elliot removed the panel of the door, putting his arm through and hacking it.

It opened, but malfunctioned. Really really fast. He couldnt get through. But he used kinesis and managed to grab a Rivet gun off of the dead body. He would find a use for it later. He walked along the mall, heading through a door and getting pounced by a stalker. A ship fired through the windows, killing the stalker and remaining necromorphs.

"Shit, shit!" Elliot cried, passing out on the floor. The ship went off, assuming he was dead. A necromorph smelled the body, and almost killed him, but a woman came by and shot the necromorph with a pulse rifle. "Are you okay?" Vandal said, trying to get him back on his feet. All of Elliots stuff was gone, probably looted or broken if he found it. All he had was a Rivet gun which was on him, and his remaining nodes. "Y...yeah..." Elliot said, trying to get a grip on

what had happened. "Hey, come on." Vandal said, her leading him to a supply room, everything apparently looted. She sat him down on a container, with her sitting down the same way. "Here, this'll help." She said, giving him a schematic for a suit and a small med pack. Elliot used the small med pack, and grabbed the Schematic. "Thanks." Elliot said, hoping he'll get a answer. "No problem." Vandal replied.

"Whats your name?" Elliot asked, curious. "...Vandal." She said, almost tired of using that alias. "Urm, alright. But the schematic you gave me....Its a unitologist suit." Elliot replied. "Well, im a unitologist, but i just joined." She was rather reluctant to give him info on what has happend during her stay of unitologist's. Elliot nodded, though, he knew that Unitologists were ass's. He actually met one or two, but thats another story. Vandal left, her going in the vacuum and dissapeared. Elliot had a store in the storage room, figures. He put the schematic in, and put on the suit. It was not that comfortable as the last one, but it certainly was armored. All he had was the rivet gun now. He sold a stasis pack, guessing he wouldnt need it. He was almost petrified by that thing that was following him. Was it a miner, or another engineer?

"You know what? Fuck it." Elliot said, paying for a few more rivets.

The plot involves a group of survivors with them trying to get out of the sprawl. Elliot was a engineer in the CEC and was assigned to help Sorensons squad. There will be quite a few audio logs spread around the areas. Vandal was in the mobile phone edition of Dead Space, unleashing the necromorphs accidentily unto the sprawl. Later she dissapeared, but the chapters said H.E.W.I.L.L.B.E.T.R.AY..

We are continuing after we escape, but thats where i stop. You guys can get together, Elliot would probably run into you guys. Yes, this is a rrp. Reason why i introduced him first and openly with his name, is because he is a protagonist.
Heres the religion that isaac calls 'Fucked up'.


Just be aware if your a unitologist, mostly no one who hates the unitologists would trust them.



The Sprawl (formally known as Titan Station) is a civilian space station built into the last remaining fragment of Titan, one of Saturn's moons - the first planetcrack ever. The Sprawl itself encircles the shard, as a large metropolis, with inner structures such as schools, malls, skyscrapers, and a Unitologist church.


Kinesis Module

Telekinesis, or "Kinesis", is a small modular plug-in resembling a thick, six-vaned heat sink designed for use with the Stasis Module. It fits into the top of the Stasis Module armband just forward of its rear focus cylinder, and works in conjunction with a round emitter pad built into the palm of the glove-slip component. Also known as the "G.R.I.P", it allows the wielder control over almost any organic and inorganic material with the wave of a hand. This extremely useful piece of equipment is given to Isaac by an injured crew woman who is seen crying over the dead body of "McCoy", on the tram platform of the USG Ishimura's Medical Deck at the very beginning of Chapter 2: Intensive Care; the woman appears to die of her wounds seconds after you receive the device.

Kinesis works by the projection of a tube of crackling white energy (an artificial gravity field) from the glove slip's palm emitter pad. Once grabbed by the leading edge of the energy tube, the desired object's gravity is presumably nullified and drawn toward the wielder. Small objects will stop about a foot from the pad, suspended in midair, while movable objects like rail pallets come as close as their connections allow. Deactivation of the Kinesis effect releases the object, leaving it to fall in the direction of the nearest gravitational center of mass, in most case the Ishimura. However, reversing the tube's polarity any time after achieving latch-on causes the object to be thrown away from the wielder with a velocity inversely proportional to the distance from the palm emitter pad.

Unlike the Stasis Module, Kinesis energy is drawn from the RIG's internal power source, and as such does not require replenishment. Its range can be increased from 20 to 32 units (possibly meters) at any upgrade bench via nanocircuitry power node amelioration.

A common tool for freight and similar applications, the module was typically used aboard the USG Ishimura to move heavy objects like conduits, bed modules, pallets, and other such objects.


Stasis is a defensive supplementary accoutrement to Isaac's RIG suit. It appears to somehow cause temporary time dilation, making targets move at an extremely slow rate for a brief period of time. It is also possible that this time dialation is so great, that it slows light, causing the visual blue-shift in an object in stasis. As such, it can be used to temporarily slow all motion of both organic and inorganic material, and functions by creating a temporary temporal stasis field around the targeted objective.

Once obtained, the stasis module becomes a permanent part of Isaac's equipment. It appears as a band secured to Isaac’s left forearm via three metal straps, with a secondary component secured to the back of his hand via an attached glove slip. The arm and hand elements each have a short cylindrical part that presumably aid in focusing the aim of the stasis bolt.

Stasis energy can be monitored via an all-purpose indicator embedded in the RIG suit's armor covering Isaac’s right shoulder blade. It appears as a bluish half-circle to the right of Isaac's health bar, which drains a small chunk every time stasis is fired. Its energy efficiency and duration can be upgraded with power nodes via workbenches, just like all the rest of Isaac's equipment. To recharge stasis, players must use either recharge stations scattered about the game environment, or by use of stasis packs picked up and stored in the inventory

Pulse Rifle

The SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle is a military-grade assault rifle with a high rate of fire. It uses Pulse Rounds and it also has a high base capacity per magazine, but it inflicts less damage per round. That means that each round inflicts less damage, but this is made up for by its ability to fire more rounds per second. It might take longer to cut through limbs, but you'll get more bang for your buck. When using the rifle's secondary function, Isaac kneels down, holds the rifle above his head, and the three barrels of the rifle spread outward and fire while spinning, spraying bullets 360 degrees. This fire mode is considered one of the best crowd-clearing attacks in the game, at the cost of high ammo consumption. The Pulse Rifle, Seeker Rifle and Divet are the only weapons in the series that are not actually "re-appropriated" mining equipment. They are specifically designed as weapons and not tools.

Rivet Gun (Elliots Signature Weapon.)

The 935 Bonder Rivet Gun is a tool used by Concordance Extraction Corporation employees in deep space mining operations. It is produced by Schofield Tools along with other mining gear. The Rivet Gun is designed to panel and attach bulkheads support, when Arc Welders are unavailable. By using rail gun technology the Rivet Gun fires high velocity rivets that can nail items to each other over distance. The second firing mode of the Rivet Gun was to charge up the power to shoot through more dense materials.

The 711-MarkCL Rivet Gun is the latest refinement from Timson Tool’s long line of friendly tools. Thanks to the latest in machine action loading, the Rivet Gun is ready to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. This allows for quick multiple rivets during narrow windows of alignment in tricky zero-G maneuvers. Minimized kickback and electromagnetic shielding provide safe, hot rivets in even the most delicate, or dangerous, of environments. Good for temporary patch jobs, or heavy duty hull repairs, this little workhorse will get you back to the stars in no time. Remember, safety should be on unless in use, and never point live mining tools at people or ship membranes.

Force Gun

The Handheld Graviton Accelerator, commonly referred to as the Force Gun, is a short-range kinetic booster device. Its function in mining operations is to provide blasting power beyond conventional explosive charges, thus making it suitable for precise terraforming applications. Some practical examples may include shattering rocks into smaller rocks, sending rocks between miners in zero-gravity situations, or deflecting wayward rocks away from miners during space operations.In combat, the Force Gun serves like a shotgun; when fired, the gun shoots a wide shockwave blast of energy outwards, damaging everything in front of it. The closer an enemy is to this blast, the more damage is caused. Though short-range, the powerful blast makes the Force gun a valuable weapon for close-quarter combat. While the Force Gun's primary fire won't blow many of the tougher enemies to pieces, it will knock them back and away, creating breathing room in tough situations.

Its secondary fire, called the Force Bomb, serves as a grenade launcher that shoots a large, spherical, low-speed projectile that explodes upon impact with an enemy with great force. If it doesn't come into contact with a foe, it will roll around for a few seconds before exploding. Upgraded, the secondary fire can blow creatures to pieces

Javelin Gun

The Javelin Gun is built to fire a titanium spike at high speeds, which can be used to impale Necromorphs in vital areas. Upon firing, the projectile will travel infinitely until impact upon a surface. If an enemy is hit during its flight, they are pinned to that surface, immobilizing them. The alternate fire mode will electrify the titanium spike, in which electricity will arc off the spike to nearby enemies and incinerate them with a resulting detonation of fire.

Contact Beam

The C99 Supercollider Contact Beam, also referred simply as the Contact Beam, is an engineering tool designed to pound and soften hard, raw minerals into smaller pieces.

Sometimes miners need to pound a stubborn rock into pieces, softening it so it can be extracted in different ways. That's where a C99 Supercollider Contact Beam comes in. Part jackhammer and part energy wrecking ball, the tool is extremely powerful but the primary fire has to be charged for a short time until it is ready to be fired.


Sometimes, the best ore is found within comets, but it's trapped within layers of ice. The industrial PFM-100 Hydrazine Torch Flamethrower uses liquid hydrazine to produce an intense flame, between 500 and 4000 degrees Celsius, which is projected on a surface, immolating the target and breaking it apart. This hydrazine industrial torch can fry multiple enemies with a streaming blaze that extends several feet. Though it doesn't have the same long-distance range as other weapons, the Flamethrower is much more useful against small enemies and swarms in close quarters. Its primary fire doesn't fire projectiles like other weapons, but you still target the enemies' limbs for maximum effectiveness.

The flamethrower's secondary fire shoots a small concentrated burst of flames that resemble a projectile, but is more like a small bomb than a weapons' round. When this weapon is upgraded, the flame changes from yellow to orange to blue, indicating the flame has increased in temperature.


The 211-V Plasma Cutter, referred also as the "Plasma Cutter" or simply "the Cutter", is a high-energy mineral cutter manufactured by Schofield Tools. The Plasma Cutter is one of the engineer's primary tools of trade in any industrial application. The Plasma Cutter delivers a superheated ionized gas that forms a powerful cutting charge of 30 kilovolts per centimeter when fired. It is capable of firing vertically (primary firing mode) and horizontally (secondary firing mode). The Plasma Cutter is very accurate, utilizing three blue laser reticules as its firing indicator. It also apears to come in many variants, as Isaac comes across one mounted on an arm clearly intended for surgical use.
The Plasma Cutter utilizes Plasma Energy as its ammunition which is capable of cutting down hard, raw minerals in mining operations. It is also the perfect tool of dismembering Necromorphs' limbs due to its accuracy. Plasma Energy for the Plasma Cutter can be purchased in the Store for 1,200 credits for six rounds.

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Dead Space 2 (Spoilers) (RRP)
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