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 Fallout 4 Wish list

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PostSubject: Fallout 4 Wish list   Fallout 4 Wish list EmptyWed Aug 07, 2013 10:19 pm

Even though they've announced F4 a while back, there's still not any solid news about it yet. Nothing about gameplay, nothing about what they're doing with it, so I just went "fuck it" and decided to make one massive wish list, which includes my own ideas and some other ideas which I think would be great if they could include them in Fallout 4.

Make use of the Skyrim engine - When Oblivion came out it really didn't look IMPRESSIVE. If anything it just looked like an '05 fantasy RPG which was in beta mode (even though it still was a fantasy RPG). Skyrim came along and all of the sudden everything looked so gorgeous, the character models were WAY better, the combat was better, almost everything was better. If they can do the same with the new Fallout game, I'm sure it would be the next GoTY if they can do it right.

Slightly harder Hardcore mode - I'm not gonna lie, hardcore mode on New Vegas was pretty easy, the only thing you needed to worry about in comparison to normal mode was being more careful with your limbs and tracking your food/water/sleep levels. Aside from that there wasn't much difference. It would be great if this mode LIMITED how many weapons/what weapon sizes your character could have with them, so if they were super scrawny they could only carry an assault rifle alone or a pair of pistols. That and reducing the amount of weight the character can carry in hardcore mode to make it feel like your character's storing all this in a backpack rather than some kind of virtual bank. Things such as bullet drop could also be considered at the same time.

A more grim/realistic touch to the wasteland - Fallout 3 managed to make itself believable and real with it's futuristic weapons. I'll use the plasma pistol as an example: it looks almost exactly like a scientist's dream creation in the 50s and although it had a touch of modernism to it, it still looked like something that suited the era. Something like the Tesla Cannon, however, did pretty much look like something you'd find in the 00's today. Some of the weapons also looked far too shiny, so more detail and grit on them would be nice.

Dynamic weather + Darker nights - I think dynamic weather could help make the wasteland feel far more realistic. When it comes to times such as December or January, there could be harsh blizzards (depending on where F4 is located), or heavy downpours which actually gave you some very faint rads each second (nothing noticeable). If nighttime could be made to be truly DARK (that is you can still see, just you will need a flashlight to make it easier to see what's going on), it could really make things more tense at night time.

Make the weapons feel more realistic + dynamic - New Vegas made the LMG feel like any regular assault rifle, when we all know they're pretty hefty things. Introducing recoil would be nice, but if a weapon is particularly heavy then it should not only slow down the character when they're equipped with it (on hardcore mode), but they also are slightly harder to aim and need more time to focus. It'd also be a great addition if shells that flew out of the weapon when fired or magazines/ammunition which was dropped to refill remained there and could be picked up to use for other things. Another thing would be to allow the player to make use of a tripod or switch on/off a laser/flashlight attachment on their weapon.

More weapons - Speaks for itself. Maybe a couple of new weapon typings if possible, and more variety in each of these weapons types, such as some similar weapon models which have unique difference such as a Mk. I model having more damage but less magazine capacity than a Mk. II model, which would also have something like a scope.

New running and position animations - Being able to FINALLY sprint in a Fallout game would be great. Being able to go prone on the floor to aim that heavy sniper rifle and make use of the bipod would be awesome, too.

More wildlife (both hostile/non-hostile) - There could definitely be a few more wild animals/mutants/monsters in the Fallout world. Not all of them could be hostile, but there could maybe be a new swarm creature which are smaller than the Cazadors and weaker, but regularly come in much larger numbers. Also, having a rare monster which is very powerful but, when killed, either had a lot of loot or had some very valuable hides/etc. would be a nice addition.

You feel that factions are ACTUALLY at war with each other - We know the BoS and the Enclave hate each other and that there were times when you'd be caught fighting with a couple of BoS members against the Enclave, but there wasn't actually any battles which was just Paladins suited in armour against Enclave soldiers, both sides of about 12 or so shooting away at each other. If they could include randomized battles like this in Fallout it would definitely make things interesting and not make it feel like everything's on standby just for you.

From here on, the rest of the stuff here is just specific things which I think would be nice additions in my view, and not really related to any kind of game mechanics or anything massive, just small inclusions.

Androids - If they could add androids, that would be pretty awesome. They could be prone to EMPs and the like, but be far more efficient and deadly with a weapon or in close-combat.

Vault remnants being vivid - The vaults in Fallout 3 + New Vegas were eerily empty of any corpses, be them rotting or not (that's another addition, rotting corpses instead of just skeletons or fresh meat). If there was a vault which had bloodied walls, dead bodies, completely broken down doors and bullet holes everywhere and bloody writing on the walls with some eerie message then I'm sure this would definitely make the vaults WAY more interesting to explore.

Working TVs - And by working I mean with just a chip in the screen and very poor image quality. There could be perhaps 5/6 working TVs in the wastelands, a couple which may just always display static screens, one or two showing channels which had been put on loop before the war came, and perhaps even one TV channel displaying a message to the player once they come across it?

Many, many more unique locations - Quite a lot of places in Fallout 3 + New Vegas felt samey. It would be great if they could add a massive collapsed powerplant in some part of the map, or a humongous crashed blimp or a plane, or maybe even a massive bridge somewhere which the player can take which can carry them about 1/4 of the way across the map. Things like that would be awesome.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4 Wish list   Fallout 4 Wish list EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 8:54 pm

Thought up some more ideas:

The ability to turn into a super mutant/have robotic limbs/implants - This would probably be best done during an endgame sequence when fighting for the Super Mutants (if that is possible), since putting it as something you can do about 1/3 into the game would most likely limit a lot of what you would be able to do under normal circumstances. For the robot parts, they would have to cost quite a lot of caps (10-15k maximum) with the trade-off being granting some good perks whilst sacrificing a couple of skills/SPECIAL stats.

Vehicles(?) - This is a really stale choice for me. They did include the Highwayman vehicle in Fallout 2 which sped up travel speed significantly, but it wasn't really used otherwise. And that's as far as a vehicle should be used in the game, no weapons or spikes on the end (it'll turn into RAGE otherwise). If they make less use of the fast-travel system and turn it into something like it was in the first two Fallout games (You watch your character's icon trek the map in fast-forward, but there were risks of running into wildlife or danger), then this would be an idea I'd like to see.

Special Unarmed moves - Unarmed combat is a really underused part of the Fallout game, this I know for a fact. If a person doesn't like the explosives/Energy weapons/Big guns/Small guns, they'll always use Melee over Unarmed. Giving the player special attacks such as a one-hit-kill stomping attack on smaller creatures (if the player passes a Strength check) or something like a professional boxing hook which knocks out flesh opponents at the cost of quite a bit of AP, could make the Unarmed combat section more appealing.

A larger area to explore (or two) - The Fallout games all have pretty huge areas to explore, but once you've seen one corner of the map and then see another corner, I kind of think that it feels just a little bit too small. But as we know, bigger doesn't always mean better. Having A LOT of unique locations, buildings, etc. dotted evenly around the map would make the longer treks at least more interesting and help you navigate around the area more simply (instead of having to refer to the map occasionally.)

Make combat more brutal - I talked about the weapons/guns system being more realistic, but if the combat is more of just taking thousands of bullets to the face without even flinching, it makes the combat kind of... awkward. Being able to stagger people with items or weapons that are powerful enough would make a nice change, and perhaps with enemy NPCs, the ability to blow their arm or their leg off without properly killing them (and if you're a sadist you could have some fun). Leaving them to die and suffer could maybe give you some negative karma? I dunno, but it would make combat feel far more desperate.

Make resources more scarce on higher difficulties - Like The Last of Us, the easier difficulty levels give you quite a bit of resources and ammunition and what have you to help you on your journey, but once you got to Survivor mode, it was very hard finding ammunition or resources that would help you, so a lot of the time you had to make decisions.

Weapons and armour have visible wear and can malfunction - Knowing when you had to repair your kit on Fallout 3 + New Vegas became clear once your gun began to jam quite a bit, or you got a notification saying it's condition is dangerously low (unless you took the effort into checking often.) Including things such as bullet holes, dents and tears/splits in the armour/weapon would give you a more realistic and visible gauge on what condition your kit is in. Take the two Batman: Arkham games (Asylum + City): The more Batman was hit in combat, the more tears, cuts, bruises and bullet holes would appear, yet they would remain there. Repairing them would make most of these visible damages disappear, but not all if your kit isn't in 100% condition. The worse it's condition, the more likely the weapon will malfunction on you (Luck could also have a factor there.)

Destructible buildings - Now this would only be possible if your character had some REAL firepower later in the game. Most buildings in all of the Fallout games are really shoddy and worn down, but for some reason firing a few grenades at the walls here and there would do nothing but create ash marks where the bombs went off. It could make for a really interesting mission where you're tasked in destroying the main antagonist's tower and setting off a bomb, which would make for one beautiful yet destructive scene.

Much more use of crafted weapons - I think there were only about, what, 4-5 craftable weapons in Fallout 3 and NV? They could definitely do with some more, since these added a sense of desperation which 1 and 2 gave but 3 and NV lacked. It could also make for some rather interesting weapon + ammo combinations and uses, such as a launcher which fired nail bombs or molotovs.

Make first encounters memorable - This kind of came from earlier when I was playing Fallout 2 and met Frank Horrigan out in the wastes for the first time. He was with two Enclave members armed with miniguns and he ordered these wastelanders to come with him, but to where was unknown. They didn't comply and the soldiers ended up Blasting their insides all over the place. That really made me go "holy shit I do not want to meet these guys", and although they tried that in NV with the Legion (all those crucified men), it didn't bring much of a shock factor. Seeing something like a Legate wielding a massive machete and completely splitting an NCR/Brotherhood soldier's head in two with it would have really made the Legion more feared + hated in the game.

A final boss more like The Master/Frank Horrigan - Both of these bosses really did feel like final bosses. They were the complete flick of the coin to you in whether you made it out alive successfully or failed with death. The final encounter in Fallout 3 (without the Broken Steel add-on) really was just... bad (Two Enclave soldiers and a guy who could EASILY be 1-hit-killed? Pffffft.) I'm not saying to make the final boss a massive mutated freak on a console who controls everything or a towering wall of armoured super mutant flesh, but at least make them have a very memorable and challenging battle. I will cut NV some slack, what they did with Legate Lanius was good, but it could've been better.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4 Wish list   Fallout 4 Wish list EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 7:15 pm

Oh hey even more.

NPCs interact with each other a lot more - Something that I think could have been improved in all of the Fallout games (yes, even 1 and 2) is the way NPCs interact with one another. The only times conversations are made are when you're supposed to listen in on them to engage in a quest, the NPC is talking to you or something's about to go down. Having NPCs talking about anything related to what's going on in the city (Like a couple of midgets talking about a midget invasion or whatever on the village) would make the areas feel more dynamic, plus the conversations may be interesting to listen to and hint a bit of backstory to the people/town or even give you a good hint or two. Maybe even some NPCs when they've taken too many drugs or alcohol (particularly in a bar) may become aggressive towards other NPCs and insist fist fighting.

More craftable armour - With the Honest Hearts DLC for Fallout NV, they actually gave you the option of creating armour at the campfires if your survival skill was high enough and you had the right equipment. Despite this, however, there were only about 2-3 armour pieces you could craft and that was about it. Being able to craft your own custom armour (without having it rival Power Armour) would be an awesome idea in my opinion.

Modified deathclaws - My word I would love to see this. In Broken Steel the Enclave used Deathclaws as their own weapons, something that would make you not want to go near any kind of Enclave outpost whatsoever (unless you had the scrambler). If a faction in the next game (most likely Enclave) were able to add implants/robotic limbs or what have you to Deathclaws, they would be such a force to be reckoned with.

Laboratory/chems can be experimented with + Overdose effects - What happens if you mix Psycho and Rad-X together? How about adding Nuka-Cola Quantum to some Jet? How about going to create your OWN performance boosting (or damaging) drugs? As much as this would make people think that the game would glorify drug abuse and the likes, I bet it could make for some hugely interesting mixes and situations. With overdosing effects, I don't just mean becoming addicted to the chem, either. Maybe you start seeing hallucinations, your character is more twitchy or slower, vision becomes slightly impaired or your character ends up doing things you don't want it to.

Kids can be killed - I remember launching a 40mm grenade at one of those crier kids in one of the streets of New Vegas. And nothing happened at all aside from people going all around crazy. Why can't they kill off kids? All of the games are an 18 and if the age-rating system people are worried about underaged kids playing the game just to see their own kind get blasted to bits, well tough. They had it in F1 and F2, so make it possible in F4. It completely spoils the feel of the game sometimes. Or, don't include kids at all.

Improve radio broadcasts + more songs from the 1930s-50s - Yeah this sounds like a real nitpick, but listening to either Jingle Jangle or Maybe a lot of the time does tend to get boring and make the radios feel far too looped. Also giving the radio people a lot to talk about (and I mean A LOT - Looking at 3 Dog from F3 talking about trees 2 times out of 3) would make it more interesting to tune into the radios and listen in. Maybe they could also provide some really useful tips here and there or warn the player/rest of the world about real-time NPC events ("There's a battle going on between the Great Khans and the NCR/Enclave/Whatever at [new place]! Steer clear, folks!")

Weather has an effect on the environment - Like I said about the weather before, if it was really badly raining it could give the player some very, very slight radiation if they stayed in it. Maybe in a really built up place, if there was a thunderstorm, a few electronics or generators would have to be turned off (by the NPCs or by you if it's your own place) unless you want to risk there being a power outage. Robots could also have a small chance of malfunctioning in the storms at the same time, and if something was solar powered (be it a weapon(?) or some electronics), they would work 100% in broad daylight but only about 20% at nighttime where it would be on it's reserves. Of course, this could all apply to hardcore mode only, as it's bound to make some situations pretty dire and worsen the player's chances of survival.

Helmets/night-vision goggles/etc. effect the First-person camera - Now this is a REALLY small nitpick, but in a mod for Fallout NV the mod developer made specific lenses for the first-person perspective in relation to what helmet they were wearing. So, wearing something like a T-51b Power helmet would make the player's vision in FPS slightly narrower (due to the helmet's visor being pretty thin but wide itself), add a tint and make the character's own muffled/filtered breathing audible to give the feeling that you're really wearing a helmet. They do a great job with this in the Metro games.

More collectibles - I'm not sure about you guys but I really enjoy collecting the bobbleheads and the snowglobes in F3 + NV. However, I think it would be amazing if they had collectible vinyl discs or WWII artifacts from ACTUAL 1940s/1950s culture with real details and all that. The more you collect, the more the price of the whole set goes up until you've got the full set which you can either choose to keep (and maybe have a bonus from) or sell it off to a rich collector in the Fallout world. It'd definitely make collecting more appealing and there could be many more references to the pre-war culture which the Fallout games sometimes miss.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4 Wish list   Fallout 4 Wish list EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 10:37 pm

This section's more to do with the gameplay itself rather than features to add.

Less fetch quests + A lot more quest variety - I guess it's just a common theme in most video games today that require free roaming. Fetch this, get that, yadda yadda, it all gets really BORING. They had the right amount of assassination missions and missions involving you having to talk people into doing this or that, but they could probably do with a little more variety. I can't think of any solid suggestions right now, but at least make each mission feel DIFFERENT.

Stop with the tons of glitches - REALLY, Bethesda? You'd have thought from Oblivion or something that you really DO NOT need to have tons and tons of bugs and glitches in the game to spoil things for people playing the game. A lot of the time I made a save just before doing something in case it glitched up on me and nothing happened. They really can't be hard to fix and some things are so easy to spot that however they got past the testing stage unnoticed is very questionable.

Make the next PipBoy's light more beneficial to the player - The small circle of light which the PipBoy 3000 gave to the player in F3 and New Vegas was pretty crap. In terms of things in the distance, you had to wait until it right up in your face for you to see it, but you were still a great big beacon of light for other enemies to spot from half a mile away.

More detailed characters/NPCs + Better character designer - Let's use Skyrim and Oblivion as an example in this. In Oblivion all of the characters looked more or less the same (excluding argonians) minus the hair, just if they weren't green or had a cat's nose. Skyrim all of the sudden made characters not only look way more realistic and detailed, but some were pretty easily distinguishable. Not so much the case in Fallout 3 and New Vegas (but at least you didn't have to rely on text descriptions unlike the FIRST THREE FALLOUT GAMES).
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4 Wish list   Fallout 4 Wish list EmptyTue Aug 20, 2013 11:37 pm


Smarter AI + Improved combat - Speaks for itself. A lot of the time enemy AI would just stand in a group firing away at you, move from left to right occasionally or sometimes just stand there completely. If they gave the AI the know-how (at least, the smarter things in the wastelands) to be able to flank a player or move behind cover, combat would be more exciting instead of just field testing who has the better guns/armour. The ability to poke out from behind cover or possibly even blindfire would be a nice addition, too.

More interesting weapons(?) - Maybe not ALL of the weapons need to deal damage. Maybe they could build a portable frequencer for robots which, depending on what level your character is, can control certain robots for a certain period of time (some would be immune). Maybe a weapon launched boxing gloves which inflicted KO damage on an opponent. The latter probably wouldn't be a likely inclusion but if they could include at least one or two weapons which there for practical jokes, it could lighten the mood up at times.

Tons of dialogue - I love talking to NPCs and asking about this and that. "What's your story?" "What's going on around here?" If they could include an entire library of dialogue that keeps changing and adapting in relation to what's going on in the Fallout world or in the NPC's life, it would make things remain intriguing throughout, unlike wearing out all conversation options after one or two chats and then nothing new whatsoever (aside from a quest objective).

On hardcore mode, remove quest markers - Back to the old Fallout games. With Fallout 1 and 2, there were no markers or indicators telling you where to go. You had to listen carefully to the advice and directions given by the NPCs around the wastes which not only made the player want to listen to what was being said, but it made dialogue more interesting to listen to.

More Enclave/The Master's army remnants - I'd like to be able to see some of the past events which occured in the Fallout world. Earlier today on F3 I discovered a new quest on Point Lookout where you had to search for soil sample recordings, and it all went into detail about how Point Lookout was the way it is (minus the inbred freaks), which gave for an interesting read/listen. I'd love it if they could include an old Super Mutant bunker full of unknown treasures that belonged to The Master or a subordinate to him.

Some slight influence from China somewhere - Let's be honest, China did have quite a big role in the pre-war era (Operation Anchorage). There must have been at least a few Chinese military members who remained hidden in Alaska to continue a project, and this project (if it was a robot or them travelling elsewhere) may have moved across Canada and into the US at some point, maybe after all the nukes dropped. You know... whilst all of this stuff was happening in America, what was going on in pre/post-war China?

Power Armour feels more like Power Armour - Power Armour SHOULD feel rather hefty (but still provide ease of movement), not like you're wearing any other suit. You could fall quicker, inflict more melee damage, have weaker bullets ping off of your armour, and in FPS mode, the interior of your helmet is visible so you have the full visor vision (this was mentioned earlier up in the list). Your character could also have a wider stance since Power Armour is pretty bulky no matter how scrawny your character is.

A non-human(?) enemy faction - I want there to be at least one faction which is a wild encounter in higher levels (not Fiends since they get really weak), that do have a base of operations, but they could be something like cannibals wielding massive custom melee weapons and custom armour (maybe even their own power armour?). The Enclave in Fallout 2 were almost like this since they always shot you on sight and you NEVER wanted to encounter them until you were a much higher level, so this non-human faction could be very intimidating to most players.

More than one way to start the game - It'd make a nice change from what most games do (Dragon Age did this). You could start off as a member of a gang or a raider which starts you off with negative karma, or part of a small tribe which starts you off with positive karma. These different starters could also give you a single permanent perk throughout your game and start you off with different weapons, armour and kit for each different group you can start with. It would also make starting a new game feel less of a chore from the beginning (I hated Goodsprings, not gonna lie.)

Bring the F3 Super Mutants back - In terms of Super Mutants, Fallout 3 was my favourite for them. Although Fallout 1 had a few intelligent ones with bionic implants and stuff, Fallout 3 had a huge variety of them... although they could've been a little more dangerous (minus the Overlords since they were damn powerhouses). MAYBE, there could be a new strain of FEV super mutant which is slightly smaller than most Super Mutants, but has some freakishly mutated body parts that make them dangerous in melee.

Your character changes in relation to your karma - This is both a small nitpick and something which could be done pretty well. If your character had good/v.good karma, they had a more positive expression on their face, NPCs reacted more positively to them and certain traits were improved (such as speech and barter). On the other hand, a character with evil/v.evil karma went round with a frown on their face, NPCs were more reluctant to give information to him (unless they're bad too) and some of the combat traits are improved. Your character's dialogue options could also change depending on their karma level.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4 Wish list   Fallout 4 Wish list Empty

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Fallout 4 Wish list
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