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The Champion and The Warden were gone. Almost everyone was gone, now. Let me tell you my story. From the very begginning, apparently.

According to the Chantry, in 800 TE, the magister lords of the Tevinter Imperium entered the Golden City in an arrogant effort to usurp the Maker's throne. For their sinful pride, they were cast out of the Golden City and twisted and cursed by their own corruption, devolving into monsters: the first darkspawn. Shortly after, the darkspawn fled underground.
They swarmed through the Deep Roads, sparking a never-ending war against the dwarves. Every noble dwarven house wished to have their own thaig defended, leading to political chaos and a disorganized defense. Aeducan, of the Warrior Caste, united the armies of the dwarves and led them to defend the city of Orzammar; by this time most thaigs had fallen, and Aeducan chose to hold the line at Orzammar rather than attempt to save the remaining ones. For leading the defense, he was made a Paragon.
By chance or design, the darkspawn located the Old God Dumat in his underground prison and corrupted him, transforming him into the first Archdemon. With Dumat leading them, the darkspawn turned their attention from the dwarves to the surface, and began amassing their numbers for a massive conquest: the first Blight.

The Tevinter Imperium, a mighty empire that stretched across most of Thedas, became the main target of the Blight. Taken completely by surprise, the armies of the Imperium, more accustomed to bringing down slave revolts or conquering helpless lands, were overrun by the seemingly endless hordes. However, the greatest blow against the Imperium was dealt to its morale. The people of the Imperium couldn't understand why the greatest of their gods, Dumat, had turned on them, and their faith in the magisters faded. Gifts and prayers to the other Old Gods went unanswered. The Imperium fractured as soldiers, ravaged and hopeless, fled from their duties and remote provinces declared independence.
A group of Anderfel knights, recognizing the threat the Blight posed to all of Thedas, decided to renounce their service to their king and take on a new, more important duty: to defeat the Blight. They formed the Order of the Grey Wardens in 890 TE, at Weisshaupt Fortress in the Anderfels. The process of the Joining ritual was discovered by the knights, who somehow managed to consume both lyrium and potent darkspawn blood together to grant them the ability to sense the enemy.
The Grey Wardens' first official battle was at Nordbotten. Accounts tell of the Wardens swooping into battle upon the now-extinct griffons and decimating the ranks of the darkspawn. The Battle of Nordbotten was the turning point of the First Blight as the inhabitants of Thedas finally started to win decisive conflicts and repel the darkspawn incursion.
Even during the Blight, darkspawn attacks from their lairs in the Deep Roads did not abate. In 940 TE, the dwarf Caridin was made into a Paragon following his design (or discovery) of The Anvil of the Void. The Anvil allowed Caridin to forge a construct of steel or stone with great strength and survivability. They were one of the dwarves' most effective weapons against the darkspawn, but to bring each golem to life required the soul of a living dwarf. Initially, volunteers gave their lives willingly, but controversy arose when there were no more volunteers to be found.
Dumat was slain by the Grey Wardens in 992 TE upon the Silent Fields. None of the original Anderfels soldiers survived the battle.

The Second Blight occurred in 1:5 Divine and lasted 90 years.
At the Battle of Cumberland in 1:16 Divine, the Orlesians defeated several hordes of darkspawn, and numerous cities were saved
In 1:95, Zazikel was slain by the Grey Wardens at the battle of Starkhaven.
Grey Wardens converted to the teachings of the Chantry.
Decline of the Orlesian Empire following the ascension of Kordillus II.
The Anderfels declared independence.

The third blight had been erased from history, even the Fourth, but those who remember knows the truth.

The Fifth Blight occurred in 9:30, the Dragon Age, in the nation of Ferelden. The Blight's origins began with the awakening of Urthemiel during a botched experiment by the Architect to make it into a disciple. The darkspawn rabble organised into an army under the Archdemon's banner and attempted to destroy an already-weakened and fractured Ferelden.
Hostilities began in southern Ferelden at the edge of the Korcari Wilds. The first major engagements of the war was at Ostagar where the King, Cailan himself had assembled an army to fight organized forces of darkspawn. It was not known at this time whether an Archdemon was really at the heart of the hostilities, and the real threat was dismissed.
Ostagar proved to be a turning point in the war, when the King, the Grey Wardens and the army were betrayed and left to die by Loghain during a major assault on the fortress. Loghain fled the battlefield, usurped the throne, refused entry at the border for the Orlesian Warden reinforcements and sparked the Fereldan Civil War.
Ferelden was at the mercy of the darkspawn advance were it not for the survival of two Fereldan Grey Wardens from the Battle of Ostagar and the infiltration of an Orlesian Grey Warden. The Fereldan Grey Wardens were able to evade assassination attempts and assemble a coalition of dwarves, elves, golems, humans and even Werewolves despite their own civil problems to sufficiently combat the Archdemon's forces. Additionally, the Grey Wardens supported the Fereldan Royalists who eventually removed Loghain from power through diplomatic rather than military means.
The Blight culminated at the Battle of Denerim, where the Archdemon was slain at Fort Drakon. This Blight had been stopped before it had even begun to take on full momentum, which is in contrast to other blights, which have lasted decades.
The Architect, an intelligent darkspawn, found the Old God, Urthemiel, and attempted to convert it into a disciple. The experiment went wrong and Urthemiel was tainted into becoming an Archdemon. With an Archdemon, the darkspawn began gathering their forces. The land of southern Ferelden soon became the focal point of the darkspawn's surface invasion. It is unclear whether it was a coincidence or a show of tactical skill by Urthemiel, but Ferelden was a convenient target for a number of reasons. The nation had recently driven the occupying Orlesians from its borders and its political structure was fractured at best, making united opposition unlikely. Most importantly, however, Grey Wardens had only recently been permitted to enter Ferelden and numbered in merely a few dozen.
Coincidentally, a rebellion occurred at the Circle of Magi shortly after the Battle of Ostagar thus precluding the assistance of the mages for the Blight. The Templar commander, Greagoir, however, guaranteed the support of the Templars as compensation should the mages be incapacitated.
Uldred, one of the mages at the battle of Ostagar, had somehow survived the battle and managed to return to the Circle. He initially attempted to persuade the Circle to support Loghain, but when Loghain's treason at Ostagar became common knowledge, Uldred attempted to stage a coup and was possessed by a Pride Demon. The Circle Tower was overrun with abominations and demons, which the Grey Wardens had to deal with before either templar or mages could offer their assistance in the upcoming war.
With the death of the Archdemon, the darkspawn horde fell back to the Deep Roads where they plagued the dwarven kingdoms once more, but would leave the surface world alone for some time. They would later emerge again under the command of two new intelligent darkspawn, the Mother and the Architect, who were engaged in a civil war over ideology.
The Grey Wardens began the process of rebuilding their numbers in Ferelden with the assistance of Orlais. They were granted Vigil's Keep and the surrounding lands of Amaranthine for this purpose.
During the Blight many Fereldans fled north to the Free Marches. One of these was Hawke, a refugee from Lothering who would eventually rise to fame and glory as the Champion of Kirkwall
Sadly, the other places fell. The darkspawn launched the greatest attack in the history of the blights, and destroyed Tevinter, Fereldan, and Kirkwall. Orlais stayed strong and defended themselves. The whole Orlais Empire was defending themselves, The grey wardens thinning in numbers. I am the last one, the very last. The fifth blight was ended with two of the last....or i atleast think i am.
What can i do?

- Found in a cave, almost destroyed, but this was the last pages to be read. The rest of the pages were unreadable.

Ferelden, Tevinter, and Thedas have many darkspawn on their borders. Many wish to kill, while very few are sentient. Thedas had fallen, the circle of Magi too. Ferelden's lands is cursed once again, making farming impossible. A new faction has sprung out of the blue in Orlais, The Mages of Fire. They are quite powerful mages who wish to see the blights over and done. Vigil's Keep is dormant, nobody living there lively anymore. What is happening? Now Blood Mages are here, and more demons appearing. Hell, theres even people who have these glowing things on a hilt. They came from above, landing from a 'Ship', they say.

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