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PostSubject: =+_Megtakarítás_+=   =+_Megtakarítás_+= EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 4:52 am

(The title is in hungarian for 'Saving')

"...Why did we live?"

"Because, its the fate of life and death, hanging on the edge of lucks hand. Basically saying, we are hanging on a thread of balance. If we break the thread, we upset the balance, and we will never live again. Nor even breath a breath."

We were grabbed from our homes, stunned, and put into a unending coma. The government was corrupt, desperate, even. They had lost the war of world war four, to russia. They were cast into the remaining stronghold, Washington DC. They took years into making a excellent stronghold of defense, then continued off to their technology. The government snagged children from the other citys, experimenting on them, until it was 2024. Technology didnt advance as much, but some things did. After thousands, they finally made a advancement on the experimentations, transferring their so.ul (personality and memories) that was in their old b.o.dys, into machines. Most took months to activate, while one took only a few minutes. It looked around, examining the area, and got out of the bed. What they didnt realise, is that they were capable of defying their masters. The robot grabbed the other machines, and put them in a cart. Soon after doing such, the robot went through the sewers, and finally made it outside the city. The robot and the others have decent batterys, lasting probably two and a half weeks before needing a recharge. The backfire is that they didnt have powers, they didnt have anything unique. They did have some training in something, though. Either in mechanics or hunting(which actually is useless, seeing on how they actually dont eat.), or even in electricity. The robot lay dormant until the first one wakes up.

"Why did we live?"

Mental Age:
Woke up: (After a few months, or just one month.)
Mental Gender:

Name: Revant Peireant Kite
Mental Age: 12
Specializing: Electricity (Can harvest energy if needed, and make a small energy tower for them to recharge)
Woke up: Immediately. (Only i will have this, since its special conditions.)
Appearence: (Will be posted later)
Mental Gender: Male
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