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PostSubject: Cybertropolis   Cybertropolis EmptySat Feb 26, 2011 7:41 pm


What used to be a settlement for humans was decimated by a horrific virus. Just about all the humans were killed, but not before they managed to preserve some of their brains in 'leaderbots' in an effort to at least save what remained of their society along with storing their very best in remote areas.

These 'leaderbots' are basicly command units controlling other bots, and you are one ofthem. The virus was remedied, but now you are trying to find your league's humans, along with getting rid of the other pesky leagues. According to your circuits, the other leagues are extremely faulty and highly dangerous. Due to this, you have no choice but to terminate their programming, destroy their leaderbots, and eliminate their surviving humans, while protecting your own.

The leagues:

Audian prime - The most balanced league, and possibly the easiest. While they are the most well rounded, they have no advantages yet disadvantages.
{weakness} - none.
{strenghts} - none.

Cybrexis Prime - Well equipped and well trained. This league as access to the advanced 'training' datachips plus fusion and plasma circuits.
{weakness} - Extremely slow and low maneuverability.
{strenghts} - Training CHips, Plasma chips, Fusion chips.

Cadhopper Corps - The merchant league. This league has accesss to internal processing chips, plus circuits to handle any environment, along with advanced movement.
{weakness} - Extremely fragile and weak.
{strenghts} - Manual Processing chips, advanced environmental chips, flying/hovering/wall climbing chips.

Mentech Operatives - The main scientific league. They have the best chance at reviving their own human subordinates, but will not until its rather safe to do so.
{weakness} - Expensive to develop new chips and units.
{strenghts} - Hyper Intellience Chips, Assimulation Circuitry, Research Nodes.

Drezbin Blitzers - Tactics can be deadly. The drezbins may be only average, but their status technologies make them rather deadly. Further, their teamwork is a nightmare.
{weakness} - Weak attack and defense chips.
{strenghts} - Status Condition Chips, Swarmer Chips, Advanced Stealth Chips.


give a name, a picuture of your leaderbot, and choose 15 chips. They must have "LV1" on them. These levels represent their phase of power. Lv5 is tops.
Beware! The chips are extreme case. the ONLY actions you can do are dictated by the chips. For example, to even see things, you need chips for that. Better have at least optics if you expect to surivive!
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