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LightBlood Academy  Lightb10

Lightblood Academy was founded by Princible Stuart. Stuart had the most successful academy in the USA so far. People with powers usually went here to train themselves and- do regular work overall. The registering process for the school is made with a slight small registration form, but nothing of value compared to the other kids. This school is in london. The world had been filled with powers through the Alexander era to the Modern era, making a drastic change to the world once they entered the modern era. Soon after, technology started to wrap around itself. Other people came to make nanotechnology, Felinology (The ability to talk to animals through sonar waves), and many the much other tech.
Powers and technology:
The more primary powers you have the weaker each one will be. For example a Superspeedster telekinetic will not be as fast as a straight up super-speedster. Some powers however make each other stronger. for example a metamorphic Shapeshifter with regeneration would have the regeneration cause the metamorphic changes to function better and the metamorphic changes would cause the regeneration to function better. However the Metamorphic changes would not be as good as those of a pure metamorph. Some powers make each other weaker. For example superdurable skin and cloaking. Trying to make the skin do two opposite things greatly hampers both. If you are not sure whether two powers are Sympathetic, neutral or conflicting then please ask me, I will be happy to tell you. Additionally Psychokinetic powers are strictly one per character. Other than that the only limit on organic powers is how many food calories you eat.

Physical Abilities
are abilities that have to do with your own body, senses or mental processes.

Healing: The ability to supply the subject being healed with raw materials and stimulating cell growth to repair wounds. If their ability is advanced they can supply the subject with specific chemicals or make specific changes such as changing the subjects eye colour.

Regeneration: The ability to regrow damaged or lost parts of your body. Regeneration is typically an automatic process.

Super-durability: Organic structure that can take more punishment than a human being 'normally' could. Typically a required secondary power in order to make other powers more viable such as being able to use super strength without crushing your own fist when you punch things. This can come in a variety of forms from basic toughened skin and bones to something as exotic as metal skin or an exoskeleton.

Super-strength: Muscles that can bare and lift great weight and pull with great force. (This ability increases jumping height as well but not as much as equivalent super-speed because of the typical additional weight it causes and because jumping high is mostly a matter of velocity as you leave the ground.)

Super-speed: Muscles that can move at exceptional velocities thus allowing the user to perform actions very quickly. (Also makes the user able to jump very high.) Strictly speaking, super-speed is simply an alternate form of super-strength.

Super-dexterity: A great degree of control over the precise movement of your muscles. Especially in the fingers.

Super-reflexes: The ability to quickly process and react to stimulus without actually thinking about it. (or not a lot anyway.)

Super-agility: The ability to change body position rapidly and accurately without losing balance using coordination, and dynamic flexibility.

Super-accuracy: The ability to aim at and hit targets by intuitively figuring out the math in your head. See Intuitive abilities.

Super-metabolism: The ability to consume large quantities of food and burn the energy gained therein. Typically a given with most powers as they tend to use great amounts of energy especially psychokinetics, speedsters and such.

Super-stamina:The ability to carry large amounts of stored energy. Typically a given with most powers as they tend to use great amounts of energy especially psychokinetics, speedsters and such. Sometimes manifests as layers of body fat. Goes hand in hand with the high metabolism that nearly all supers tend to have.

Super-senses: One or more senses that can perceive more than 'normal'. this can mean heightening of the normal senses or an altered version of normal senses (such as seeing UV light) or an entirely new sense altogether (such as sensing EM fields like a shark does.)

Super-intelligence: When any of a number of processes of the brain simply work more efficiently, to greater capacity or faster.)

Intuitive abilities: Abilities that allow one to understand something as if by instinct. Examples include the ability to precisely target, knowledge of biology or other sciences and immediate grasp of languages. (They cannot do so without any contact with the information though. for example you can't learn Spanish if you've never heard of the language before but you can learn it very quickly if you have "Intuitive abilities: Spanish".)

Learned abilities or skills: Things like acrobatics, martial arts or knowledge that you study or train in. goes under powers even though most might not consider these to be powers.

Additional body parts: Things such as claws, tails, wings, spikes, additional muscle mass, thicker skin etc.

Psychometabolism: The ability to control your own hormones and nervous system to enhance your own bodily functions, though without an outwards change in appearance.

Shape-shifting(Comes in either metamorphic, freemorphic or transmutic.)

Metamorphic Shape-shifting: The ability to bend and stretch body parts, even ones that normally don't bend and stretch, into a given shape and colour scheme. Typically used to imitate other people or to reach the highest jar on a shelf. (Limited by organic structure. If you make your arms too long your heart won't be able to pump blood to them anymore.)

Freemorphic Shape-shifting: An alternate body make up, a freemorph's body is essentially a flowing uniform substance. thought process, digestion, senses and other bodily functions can be achieved with any part of the body. Most freemorphic shape-shifters can split into pieces, at least for a time. what a shape-shifter can imitate depends on the individual.

Transmutic Shapeshifting: The ability to 'scan' people and objects at extremely short range. It's sort of like a cat-scan where you can see all the different layers except this is much more detailed and much higher resolution. Transmutic cells are then able to form a cocoon around the body and alter every atom of your being. Each time this happens you are fully remade into an exact copy of a person you have scanned the exact way they were when you scanned them. (Including clothing and equipment. The cells usually only remember the last 8 or so organic sentient life-forms who have been scanned.) This ability is triggered subconsciously, usually upon your death, and chooses an organic sentient life-form for you to become based on how you died. Occasionally this ability is triggered by severe injury or even seemingly at random. The ability furthermore causes severe memory loss each time it is used due to transcription errors in your memories. You typically only remembers things that have happened recently or things that happen frequently.

Cloaking: A lesser form of metamorphic abilities, this is the ability to change the colour and pattern of your skin like a chameleon, only way better.

Invisibility: The ability to allow the entire EM spectrum to pass through you without changing speed or direction.

Phasing: The ability to cause your physical structure and some additional material around you to be able to pass through the space between the spaces of other materials. (certain things disrupt this ability such as radioactivity, the natural brain waves of the human body or force-fields or various other things. For the most part the rule of thumb is so long as they do not have a significant energy signature.)

Psychokinetic Abilities are mental abilities targeted to be able to manipulate a specific particle or force depending on the person. These abilities burn calories (food energy) and require mental focus. Psychokinetic abilities do not work on the insides of a person's body due to brain-wave interference however you can use them on the inside of your own body. PK abilities also do not work on radioactive materials, computer systems or anything else with a significant energy signature. Also they do not work through force-fields. Unlike other powers, PK abilities are limited to ONE PER CHARACTER.

Macrokinesis: The ability to target and move heavy objects or multiple lighter objects. This ability affects the targeted objects(s)'s momentum. For example to lift a car or even yourself.

Microkinesis: The ability to arrange tiny objects in precise ways. For example to assemble the gears of a watch or to pick a lock.

Telekinesis: Macrokinesis and Microkinesis combined.

Vectorkinesis: The ability to redirect momentum. For example to make a bullet change direction in mid-air.

Hydrokinesis: The ability to control the location and matter state of Water particles. For example to create objects out of ice, make gushes of water, pull water out of air or to create steam or Ice.

Ventrokinesis: The ability to control the location of nitrogen particles. (air.) For example to create wind or to fly.

Pyrokinesis: The ability to control the location of oxygen molecules in the air. For example to control the strength and shape of a fire.

Terrakinesis: The ability to move and shape dirt and rocks and many other solids. For example to make a mountain out of a molehill or to break open a city street.

Electrokinesis: The ability to control free electrons. (Electrons not bound to an atom. Examples being electrons floating in the air or in metals.) For example to make magnetic fields or static lightning bolts.

Photokinesis: The ability to make Photons 'bounce' off of nothing within a given range. (This applies to the entire EM Spectrum.) For example you could make light bounce back and forth until you had enough for a laser blast or you could make a mirage image.

Sonokinesis: The ability to generate vibrational energy. (sound waves and such.) For example you could make a voice come from empty air or you could cancel out a sound.

Thermokinesis: The ability to change the temperature of your surroundings. For example you could make the air a precise temperature or you could project columns of hot or cold.

Vibrokinesis: Sonokinesis and Thermokinesis combined.

Chronokinesis: the ability to speed up or slow down relative time for a target. For example you could slow someone else down, or make yourself faster.

Gravitokinesis: The ability to create false gravity. (Force exerted by mass that isn't there.) For example you could make sideways gravity to stand on a wall or vertical gravity to float through the air.

AEtherkinesis: The Ability to fold space in order to teleport. This can be done in the form of wormholes or by moving in the fifth direction to hop across the gap.

Fantasmokinesis: The ability to make a pocket dimension off to the side of reality that you can move around at will. For example you could store items or you could go inside of it yourself and travel 'through' a wall.

Cyphokinesis: AEtherkinesis and Fantasmokinesis combined.

Metallokinesis: The ability to reshape metals or mostly metallic alloys. For example to turn a manhole cover into a sword.

Psammokinesis: The ability to control the location and matter state of silicone particles. (Sand and glass.) For example to make sand into glass shapes or to make a sand storm.

Carbokinesis: The ability to reshape carbon into its various allotropes. (graphite, diamond or nano-tubes.) For example to create objects out of diamond or nano-tube mesh.

Cellulokinesis: The ability to control Cellulose (the stuff paper, cardboard, lumber and other plant materials are made of.) (This is different from plant speak in that it doesn't control growth but rather shape and location including making them levitate.) For example you can make paper airplanes actually fly or wrap someone up like a Christmas present.

Keratokinesis: The ability to control keratin (the stuff that hair, nails, scales, feathers, wool and shells are made of.) For example you could snare people with your hair or use sharpened feathers as darts.

Osteokinesis: The ability to control Calcium-Hydroxylapatite (the stuff bones and teeth are made of.) For example to make skeletons walk or throw teeth around.

Psychokinetic Mimicry: The ability to sense PK abilities in others and copy them. you can only copy PK abilities from one person at a time and when you sleep or are otherwise greatly distracted your mind resets. You can sense the 'flavour' of a PK ability but if it's one you've never seen in action before you won't know what it is until you try it out.

Telepathic Abilities are mental abilities that allow you to sense and command with your mind.

Mind Reading: The ability to sense the thoughts of others (including words images, sounds, etc.) and some can send suggestions or communicate mentally with people.

Illusions: The ability to influence people's senses to put them in a world of your creating.

Machine Speak: The ability to read info from and send commands to computerized systems (even when that system may not have com equipment.) In the case of AIs this is essentially the same as Mind Reading.

Animal Speak: The ability to sense and control the behavior of animals. You can also sense what they sense.

Zombie Speak: The ability to sense and control zombies You can also use any of their senses that still work.

Plant Speak: The ability to sense plants and cause them to grow quickly into distinct patterns and shapes. For example you could have vines reach out and grab someone.

Blast Abilities are abilities that generate a blast of something. These are usually projected from the mouth (or sometimes the hands) unless otherwise specified in your sheet.

Organic Laser: The ability to generate photon beams capable of causing concentrated heat damage.

Kinetic Blast: The ability to project force through air (or water or whatever) usually feels like a punch or like flying shards of glass.

Plasma: The ability to project a superheated glob or a stream of superheated material.

Fire breathing: The ability to produce fuel biologically and ignite it as you spit it out.

Venom/Poison: The ability to secrete bio-hazardous materials (usually liquids.)

Acid: The ability to organically secrete acid capable of burning things.

Electrocution: The ability to to produce a jolt of electricity capable of causing pain and convulsions.

EMP Blast: The ability to charge up and release an organic electromagnetic pulse. This ability takes a bit of concentration and time to charge up and a lot of energy with each use.


+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -- --+
+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------+

The -'s is for the grounds. Its a pretty capable school, so far. The grounds are for stable training without multitudes of interruptions. The +'s is for the school, walls/classes inside. The _'s are for the gates. Both gates are openable, and the bus's come every hour to pick some up. Its mostly like a tutor school for powers, best known for teaching individuals. The registering process is easy, and the reason why its called lightblood: They teach people to use their powers for good. And you can always get up to the higher classes.

Classes:(The classes you go in, what year you are in, Etc etc.)

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