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Legacy {Private} Dakrcr11

It all happened in 2019.

A massive infection broke out in New Zealand, California, North America, and every other possible country on the planet of Earth all at once. It was a planned attack that was made to devastate the planet, and it did. It was a certain virus that most of the humans on planet Earth only dreamed about and speculated. A zombie virus that many could not hold back, that many have succumbed to in the last moments. No-one knows why the group did what they did, but most people speculated that they did it because they just could. To cause chaos on that much of a large degree was terrible. One by one, survivors got killed, one by one, people died and turned into one of those monsters. A few months later, a band of military and resistance fighters, along with the last specs of the elite military, worked on a single gigantic ship that contained the last survivors of the human race, thanks to the virus. The ships idea was to launch off and carry the survivors to a habitable planet, far away from the virus.

They used techniques they didn't use in the past years to mine resources, platinum, titanium, and all kinds of metals for construction on the habitable planet they'll find. They stored them on the ships cargo bay, along with incredibly large amounts of purified water and of food. Such large amounts would feed a population for years and years if they didn't find their new home planet, but it wouldn't supply them for centuries, it was a limited supply, and it can only go for so long. The ship launched with incredible success, but some of us were left behind on that forsaken world. We could not grab every single possible human that survived the infection at one single moment, that would take time and that would risk the ship due to the zombies that would be knocking at their door every single month that was wasted on finding all of the survivors.

For years, we on the ship have maintained order and have searched for habitable planets for many years, desperately trying to find a planet to settle down. Our slowly dwindling supply has been used much in the few years, and we were running low on oxygen, food, and water. It was a crisis for the families on the ship that wanted they're children to survive, until one day, we found a habitable planet. It had alot of hostile wildlife, deadly flora, poisions, but mostly had a large amount of resources. It was ten times the size of Earth, and had many lush forests and it was a promising place to find. The crisis on the ship subsided, and everybody was excited to see their new home. Then, something was on the ships radar. It was detected, and the ships propulsion boosters got shot, and the possible alien ship attacked almost every integral system that it needed to survive. The ships life-pods was used immediatly, and my family was one of the few to get out alive through the use of a life-pod. We all landed on the planet that we had never named yet.

My family and various others worked together and sparked up a settlement. Unfortunately, it was always winter in that part of the planet, and we had to move the settlement constantly to avoid the wildlifes preying eyes and the beings that attacked us. We were being constantly hunted by these beings even though we posed no threat to them. When we were attacked full on, most of us just ran away, but some were brave enough to stand up. Their bravery was rewarded with their deaths. Some of us were cowards, some of us were trying to escape with their family, we were confused at the time. The settlement was constantly torn down and rebuilt, repeat repeat repeat. Many of us had lost family members, many of us were downright scared because of the aliens incredibly strong technology. But who were they, really?

My family rebelled at them once they seen them, and eventually we salvaged technology from the wreckage of the ship. This rewarded us with weapons, suits, a single massive anti-air defense turret. It took a long time, but we finally found a way to stay in one location without moving. Our anti-air defense took out some of the scouting ships that were sent to look for us in the mountains, and our plain turrets out in the gates took care of any of the wildlife that wanted to sneak in. We finally had some peace and harmony, along with a little Old World insurance. We were called a city, a real home for us. Something that might not be wrecked because of them, the beings that were, and still are, hunting us.

Until now.


Hi, you were invited here because you are probably awesome. Now, on with the show.

This is set many years from now, and the technology is quite advanced then it is now. We were once prosperous, great people. But our planet was slowly dying because we kept taking the resources and giving nothing back. The scientists estimated a total 100 years before the resources was out, which was bad and good. They had enough to build a ship, so they made the blueprints, but then a outbreak happened. All hope seemed lost, until a particularly large faction of humans worked together to make a ship out of the blueprints they found.

Now, we are on a new planet, unnamed. We have named it Neiznany, which is another language. The name translates to Unknown, which is true because we haven't truly explored a bit of it yet. There have been rumors of a few other pods around the continent of where we are starting, the city, but due to the aliens that keep trying to kill us and the wildlife being completely hazardous, we have been in one spot for far too long and our supplies are dwindling. More and more ships keep trying to shoot us and annihilate us.

Step up to the task and help humanity get back on its feet.

The character sheet is being worked on.
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Bounty Hunter

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Job: (Engineer, Salvager, or just a civilian, you choose)



Possessions: (Basically, what you have on you.)

Biography: (Where your family originated from, how this character was born)
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